Teixeira, Pinto & Soares has a work done (Jornal de Negócios)

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Founded in April 1997, Teixeira, Pinto & Soares, SA (TPS, SA) started its activity as a small, family-oriented, regional business. Currently, this successful company, with the experience and competence to execute large civil construction contracts, maintains a family nature, but with professional management and nationwide implementation. The proof is in the projects it is currently executing in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto and Lisbon, Centro and Alentejo, and soon TPS, SA will be working in the Algarve region.

Of these projects (see text on the side), emphasis is placed on the construction of the building that will house the Multidisciplinary Institute of Aging – MIA de Portugal, at the University of Coimbra, in a project whose value exceeds 19 million euros. And for the rehabilitation and construction of Gare do Arco Cego, where the Técnico Learning Center, at Instituto Superior Técnico, will be created. A work of nearly ten million euros, which means that the value of these two contracts is approximately 30 million euros.

Then, TPS, SA signed internship and cooperation protocols with the University of Coimbra and the Instituto Superior Técnico. It did so because it understands that it must always be hand in hand with the future and, for that, it is necessary to walk with national institutions of higher education, recognized internationally. By signing these protocols, the organization intends to provide professional internships to young graduates, as well as to take advantage of the know-how of these institutions to develop new approaches to working methods or new products for construction.

The recipe for success and looking to the future

It should be explained that the basis of TPS, SA’s success is a rigorous management, based on human resources capable of responding effectively to all the challenges of the sector. And in maintaining the focus on a culture of excellence, receptive to new work methodologies, improving performance individually and collectively, in order to fully meet the needs of its customers.

To continue to be successful in the future there are challenges to overcome. Those responsible for TPS, SA face the future with optimism, as it has always been the vision they had and allowed them to reach where they are today, with consolidated growth and good institutional relationships with the various partners.

However, in the company there is the notion that continuous excellence is required, so professional training will have to be constant, as well as the ability to absorb and apply new methodologies in construction, to train young people (from the base) workers, recruiting middle management in vocational training schools and adapting them to reality.

It is still necessary to attract new private investors, national or foreign, also maintaining the market share that TPS, SA currently has in public works.

As for the challenges of the construction sector and the rehabilitation of European governments, these involve the implementation of an economic recovery strategy. With the sudden, unexpected and generalized rise in the prices of energy, raw materials and consequently of construction materials and the lack of labor, new challenges arise. In the European Strategy for Recovery and Resilience, the sector receives significant funds, which will make it possible to boost the economy and generate employment.

Thus, warn those responsible for TPS, SA, in Portugal it will be important that the implementation of the PRR takes place effectively, the use of appropriate price revisions for public works contracts and the definition of realistic base prices for new works to be launched by the entities public services.

With a permanent dialogue between companies, sector associations, professional associations, higher education institutions and professional schools, it will be possible, once again, for the sector to respond positively to a national objective, very necessary at this time for the country and for Europe, which is economic growth.

Emblematic works of TPS, SA

. Museu Ibérico de Abrantes (architect Carrilho da Graça)

. Convento de Jesus, Setúbal (architect Carrilho da Graça)

. Teatro Luís de Camões, Lisboa. Work won the 2019 Urban Rehabilitation award (architects Manuel Graça Dias e Egas José Vieira)

. Termas Romanas de São Pedro do Sul. Work won the 2021 Urban Rehabilitation award (architect João Mendes Ribeiro)

. Palácio de Cedofeita, Porto (architect Duarte Morais Soares)

Big works

Teixeira, Pinto & Soares, SA currently has 23 projects underway in Portugal. Of these, we highlight five major works. To know:

19.462.934 M€
Construction of the Multidisciplinary Institute of Aging – MIA de Portugal, at the University of Coimbra

12.748.529 M€
Rehabilitation of the National Conservatory’s Artistic School of Music and Dance, in Lisbon

9.974.756 M€
Conversion of Gare do Arco Cego, where the Técnico Learning Center, at Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, will be created

8.639.999 M€
Completion of the modernization work at Escola João de Barros, in Seixal

5.943.347 M€
Social Security Building Conversion Program – Avenida dos Estados Unidos da América – Lot 1 and 2, collective housing, in Lisbon