Work Awarded: Municipal Housing in Carcavelos

The contract for the construction of Carcavelos Municipal Housing in the municipality of Cascais was awarded to us for €11,257,379.45 by the Municipality of Cascais.

The project will provide 52 individual dwellings (types T1, T2, T3 and T4) spread over three floors, with only one dwelling on the ground floor. This construction will be characterised by a strong horizontality, marked by continuous balconies that are repeated between floors, projecting a maximum of 1.60 metres from the façade.

On the ground floor, the building will also have commercial and service areas, as well as different spaces for residents’ communal use, such as cycle parking areas, a condominium room, common rooms, rubbish areas, a laundry room and the various entrance halls to the vertical circulation centres.