New awards

TPS has recently awarded several public works in various sectors which are:

  • The contract for the execution of the construction works of the MIA Building – Portugal (UC BIOMED) – 19.462.934,01€
  • The contract for the completion of the rehabilitation works of the Artistic Schools of Music and Dance of the National Conservatory (international public tender) to Parque Escolar EPE – 12.748.129,09€
  • The Urban Rehabilitation of Bairro Padre Cruz to the Municipality of Lisbon – 5.849.837,73€
  • The construction of the Automobile Silo, Archive and Southern Ordinance to Portugal’s Infrastructures – 2.083.414,73€
  • The construction of the building for the 30-bed Long-Term Inpatient and Maintenance Unit for the National Network of Continuing Care at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Estremoz – 1.823.837,55€
  • The construction of the Carcavelos Health Center and Adjacent Public Space from scratch – 5.048.756,96€
  • Rehabilitation, Requalification, Restoration and Conservation of the Villa Portela Arts Center – Leiria – 3.134.970,25€

Building change together!