Loja do Cidadão – Seixal

Adaptation of an existing space, reformulating it, giving it a compartmentalization in order to adapt it, in its entirety, to a Citizen’s Shop.

Hotel Largo de Camões

Rehabilitation of an emblematic building in Praça Luís de Camões, for the installation of a hotel unit.

Largo de São Julião Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation, maintaining the constructive characteristics and origin, of this Pombalino Building built right after the earthquake of 1755. It is intended, within the framework of this project, that the building will be used for the installation and operation of services by the Lisbon City Council.

Pulido Valente Hospital

Remodeling of part of the building to install a Continuing Care Unit. The work was carried out over 5 existing floors and includes an intervention on the roof to install an elevator.

USF of Alto dos Moinhos

Construction of a health unit, with a unique image in the urban context in which it operates, assuming itself as a reference in the neighborhood.

UCCI of Ferreira do Alentejo

The building was partially built. The intervention aimed to improve the efficiency of use, in order to increase the usefulness of this equipment for the region.

IPO Lisboa

Remodeling and expansion of IPOLFG’s Central Operating Room, including execution of all specialties and supply of hospital equipment.