Chamusca School Center

Construction of a new school building with capacity for 10 primary school classrooms and 5 kindergarten activity rooms, with full demolition of the kindergarten building and partial demolition of the EB1 building.

Alcanena School Center

Construction of a new building with 15 classrooms, rehabilitation/remodeling of the existing EB2 building and intervention in the outer space within the school perimeter and street.

Convent of Desagravo

Alteration of the Old Convent of Desagravo do Santíssimo Sacramento, for installation of JI and EB1.

Nursery at the Convento do Desagravo

Remodeling of the East wing of the Convento do Desagravo, for the installation of a nursery, whose work completes and closes the process of rehabilitation of the building that makes up the Convent as a whole.

Sports Pavilion – Loures

Construction of a Sports Pavilion at João Villaret Basic School, using a prefabricated concrete structure.

Gare do Arco do Cego – IST

Conversion of the buildings that remain from the old Carris, for the implementation of a Multifunctional Teaching/Learning Center, called Técnico Learning Center and an Advanced Assistance Post for the Regiment of Firefighters.

National Conservatory’s Artistic Schools of Music and Dance

The proposed solution for the rehabilitation of the approved National Conservatory maintains special attention to the historical value of the pre-existence, assuming the elimination of spurious constructions, without any architectural quality, previously carried out. In the same vein and respecting the original design, it is proposed to open a “ring” of interior circulation that articulates […]